Bobby Schneider

US Concealed Carry Association Certified Instructor
NRA Certified Instructor
Retired Denver Police Officer (18 years Full Time SWAT)
Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Metropolitan State University
HK International Training Division, Former Director of Training
Gunsite Academy, Adjunct Instructor (25 years)
Sig Sauer Academy, Former Instructor (8 Years)
I’ve been a victim of an assault and used deadly force
Expert Witness in 2 Colorado Criminal Cases where deadly force was used
Life member of the NRA, USCCA and the CLEFIA
Front Sight Distinguished Graduate



I started my firearms teaching four decades ago. I, along with five other SWAT members, were responsible for training my police department’s full time Special Weapons and Tactics officers in pistol, carbine, shotgun and submachine gun. I was also an operator in that 50 man full time unit.

Our SWAT team examined training other SWAT teams were doing. We contacted LAPD SWAT and found that they were going to the Gunsite Academy in northern Arizona and had adopted its shooting techniques. This firearms training academy was founded by Jeff Cooper, a retired U.S. Marine Corps Officer. Jeff had created a defensive shooting curriculum that was based on unrestricted competitive shooting. He watched what the winners of these competitions were doing. He then was able to write a shooting curriculum, teaching the effective techniques he witnessed in these competitions. These techniques were taught by Jeff to military and law enforcement personnel for personal protection. Then Jeff opened his school to law abiding citizens who wanted to learn these same gun handling and marksmanship techniques. He also knew the most important element in winning a lethal confrontation was proper mindset. Today the Gunsite Academy teaches the combat triad: Gun Handling, Marksmanship and Mindset.

Most of the prestigious firearms training academies, the USMC, Navy SEALs, US Army Special Forces, Air Force Special Operations, Federal along with State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies emulate some if not all the teachings and philosophies from the Gunsite Academy. My SWAT team adopted Gunsite’s techniques.

For the past twenty-five years, I have been fortunate to teach at the Gunsite Academy and I am still on staff there today. Now I have become a Certified USCCA Instructor and am qualified to teach all of their curriculum.